Cherita Chocolate


Cherita Chocolate is proudly focused more on selling a chocolate product using locally grown beans from Selangor, Pahang, and Melaka. We emphasize more on a meaningful and enjoyable healthy product that not only benefits all chocolate lovers but also supports our local cocoa farmers.

Our product uses mainly natural ingredients infused with inspiring local flavors.

Introducing Cherita – the yummiest, fun, and wittiest (hopefully) healthy chocolate snacks infused with Malaysian flavors. Cherita highlights the amazing effects of dark chocolate to uplift our moods & high in antioxidants. We’re expanding our range in healthy snacks along with a message of positivity on the product labeling and language we use. Cherita will continue its mission to spread love & positivity, focus on women’s strength, and champion mental health.

This chocolate is created by women to women (YES, it’s YOU!). We are connecting to women because we are the bridge to everyone else. Women need to take care of women first before we could care for others in our greatest capacities, right?




Product Categories
  • Belly Good Food Market (1)


Product Vendors
  • Sun Borneo Enterprise (1)


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